enRoute examples illustrate the use of the enRoute indexes and archetypes. They also demonstrate the more frequently used OSGi™ specifications. Additional examples will be added over time: requests, suggestions and contributions are most welcome.

All of the examples are available on Github, so clone the workspaces and play!

When you clone the enRoute repository at https://github.com/osgi/osgi.enroute you will be given the tip of the latest development snapshot. We work hard to keep the snapshots running smoothly, but in general we recommend that you use the latest release tag, currently 7.0.0, as a stable base. To do this just typegit checkout 7.0.0

Quick Start A walkthrough of the Quick Start example
The Microservice Example A walkthrough of the Microservice example front end
The Microservice Example - JDBC persistence A walkthrough of the Microservice example JDBC persistence layer