These tutorials are step by step recipes which focus on creating, running and modifying an OSGi application. We start with the simple Quick Start introduction, and then move on to develop a more sophisticated three-tier Microservices applicaton. The tutorials aim to be quick to complete and describe actions rather than background detail. If you want a little more information about the application you’re making and what enRoute is providing then the Examples and About pages are good places to start.

A basic familiarity with Java, Git, Eclipse and Maven is assumed. The approximate time required to complete each tutorial is indicated in each tutorial’s description.

PrerequisitesPrerequisites and configurations required for running these tutorials.
Quick StartYour first really simple OSGi REST Microservice (< 5 minutes).
OSGi Runtime & DebugA peek behind the curtain - the OSGi µServices runtime!
MicroservicesCreating a REST based 3-tier Microservice with JDBC persistence (< 10 minutes).
Persistence with JPADemonstrates how to upgrade an Application and then use JPA and Hibernate (< 10 minutes).