OSGi Specifications

enRoute is based upon the latest OSGi Alliance Specifications, see:

Each OSGi Alliance Specification is accompanied by a Reference Implementation and an associated Conformance Test suite. These resources maintained by the OSGi Alliance Members: OSGi Specification Implementations lists implementations of released Specifications.

OSGi Toolchains

The following resources provide further information and guidance on developing with OSGi.

OSGi Developer Certification

The OSGi Alliance Developer Certification Program validates the OSGi skills and knowledge of IT professionals; so providing an independent referenceable verification.

The current certification program is intended for experienced hands-on OSGi Developers. However, the OSGi Alliance are considering an online enRoute Certification, this as a first step towards full Certification.

OSGi Testimonials

It is increasingly realized that OSGi Specifications provide the modular foundations upon which economically sustainable software solutions can be built. The following OSGi testimonials demonstrate some of the variety of industries and real world uses that depend upon OSGi.

If you are already using OSGi then please share your testimonial with us (Submission guidelines).

The ‘OSGi Enabled’ Ingredient Mark


OSGi Enabled identifies a Product or Service that is compliant with one or more OSGi specifications, and so modular in both design and implementation: see the OSGi Enabled solutions register.

For further details on Usage Terms see OSGi Enabled.