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Why is enRoute Needed?

Java is the software industry’s leading language, a position broadly held since 2003. Yet despite this the average Java developer is not an OSGi developer.

Why is this?

Lowering the barriers

  • Until recently, OSGi examples and tools exposed too much infrastructure to new developers: yes, OSGi was hard.
  • As demonstrated by DropWizard and Spring Boot the software industry tends to focus on the rapid creation of new simple stand-alone Applications that “just run”. In stark contrast, the OSGi Alliance places priority upon the creation and ongoing cost effective maintenance of sophisticated software systems.
  • The internet - which never forgets - is littered with outdated (and sometimes woefully incorrect) OSGi tutorials and articles: some of these reflecting the evolution of OSGi principles and best-practices since 1998!

enRoute removes these barriers and provides the onramp via which Java developers can build modern, modular, maintainable software systems.