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enRoute Sponsors

Realizing the need for a simple onramp for developers, the OSGi Alliance engaged Peter Kriens from aQute; the results of Peter’s efforts were announced in 2015. enRoute 1.x and 2.x shaped several important OSGi R7 Specifications, and perhaps more importantly provided the context against which the OSGi Alliance could discuss next steps.

This enRoute refresh project (enRoute for OSGi R7) is the result of those discussions and experiences. Paremus was engaged by the OSGi Alliance to refocus enRoute around the R7 Specifications and a Maven-based toolchain.

Looking Ahead

Over the next few months, the enRoute project will continue to expand the examples to demonstrate the best use of OSGi Alliance R7 Specifications.

Looking further ahead, enRoute will continue to track the OSGi Specification process, with new enRoute examples being created to demonstrate R8 capabilities and beyond.

How to Contribute?

How can I get involved?

Feedback and contributions are very much appreciated. However, remember that enRoute is focused on a developer audience unfamiliar with OSGi and structural modularity.

How can my Organisation support enRoute and OSGi?

Please consider joining as an OSGi Alliance member. Funding generated from OSGi Alliance membership helps fuel the OSGi specification processes and activities like enRoute.